Louise is the course director for The MSc in Design for Health and Wellbeing, and a lecturer on the BSc. Product Design & Technology course at the University of Limerick. She has sixteen years of industry experience as a senior design engineer and product designer working most recently with Molex to developing high volume connector products for the medical, automotive, consumer and telecommunication markets. Her research interests include product design and health in the performance arts and design for health and healthcare products. She is also conducting projects focusing on design education. Louise has a PhD in the area of cognitive processes, conflict and consensus in design teams.


Current projects:

PI of an emerging cluster: The Creative Process meets the Creative Product - Enhancing the Performance Artist through Research, Design and Technology.

The development of a product solution to Mitigate against the risk of injury due to the heavy Irish dancing shoe.

The development of a product solution to mitigate against the risk of injury and to increase usability with the light Irish dancing shoe.

The development of a product solution to support the health and performance of the vocal tracts for singers and those receiving voice therapy. 

Understanding the barriers that account for the low uptake in choosing STEM education amongst women in Ireland.




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