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Dr Kathleen Markey

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Dr. Markey is a lecturer in the Department of Nursing and Midwifery, UL, since 2007 and during this time has been a Course Director for International Studies, completing her tenure in 2017.  Prior to this, she was a senior lecturer in nursing at Middlesex University, United Kingdom. Her extensive clinical, managerial and educator experiences both within Higher Education and Healthcare settings has provided her with significant experience and expertise, demonstrating leadership, innovation and initiative. This is underpinned by an excellent knowledge base of the principles of contemporary issues surrounding the subject of nursing and health care delivery. Dr. Markey graduated with her PhD in 2017, which explored nurses’ behaviours when caring for patients from diverse ethnic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds. She has been involved in a number of research projects using a variety of research designs, methodologies and methods. Her particular research interests, scholarly activity and publications are in the areas of cultural diversity in healthcare, cultural competence development, internationalisation of curriculum, intercultural education and student learning and development. She is currently involved in a national study exploring graduating nurse and midwifery students’ migration intentions and a European research project with six other countries examining professional competence in nursing (PROCOMPNurse).


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