Kathleen is a senior lecturer and is currently Course Director for International Studies. Kathleen is an active member of the Department of Nursing and Midwifery Internationalisation committee, strategically planning the development of internationalisation activities within the department and is also chair of the Departments Learning, Teaching and Assessment committee.


As a member of the Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) research Unit and the World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Migrant’s Involvement in Health Research, University of Limerick, Kathleen has particular interests in the areas of participatory health research and migrant health. She has published widely in the areas of cultural diversity in healthcare and higher education and migrant health. In December 2022, with the support of the Health Research Board, Kathleen was chair of a national seminar titled ‘Migrant health research networking and knowledge exchange seminar: An arts based event’.


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