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Dr Ioannis Zabetakis

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Dr Zabetakis is Head of the Department (since Sept 2018) and Lecturer on Food Lipids at the Department of Biological Sciences (Faculty: Science and Engineering) in the University of Limerick (UL).

His main research interests focus on the link of food lipids to inflammation and the related onset of Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs); the contamination of food chain by heavy metals; and biosynthesis of food flavour and food sensory properties. His current research projects include the assessment of anti-inflammatory activities of dairy and aquacultured products (e.g. milk, cheese, salmon); the development of novel nutraceuticals against CVDs; and
the valorisation of food industry by-products in order to develop novel functional animal and fish feeds against CVDs .

The focus of his team is towards the development of functional foods and nutraceuticals against inflammation.

Dr Zabetakis has edited a book on marine oils, published over 80 peer-reviewed articles (h-index 24) and is a co-inventor of two patents.

With his team in UL, they published in 2019 a book entitled, The Impact of Nutrition and Statins on Cardiovascular Diseases, for Elsevier.


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