Ian is an associate professor in biomechanics, within the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences. He is Co-Director of the Sport and Human Performance Research Centre (SHPRC). He teaches biomechanics and functional anatomy and specialises in applied sports biomechanics and musculoskeletal modelling. Ian's research interests are in the areas of: Injury biomechanics; Musculoskeletal modelling and computer simulation of movement; Sport and human performance; Effects of equipment parameters on golf performance.

Ian serves on the editorial board for the journals Frontiers, and Sports Engineering and the Scientific Committee for the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports. He is co-Principal Investigator for the Irish Rugby Football Union IRIS injury epidemiology project. He has over 50 peer reviewed publications and has been awarded over €2.3 million in competitive research funding. Current research projects and Postdoctoral and PhD supervision include: Rugby Injury Surveillance; Training Load Association to Injury; Longitudinal Examination Of Movement Health Indices Via Wearable Sensing Technology; Neurostimulation Modulation Effect On Action Observation On Golf Movement Performance.


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