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Dr Eibhlís M. O’Connor

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Eibhlís O’Connor is a human nutritionist and lecturer in the Department of Life Sciences, UL. She has a BSc and PhD in Nutritional Sciences from University College Cork (UCC). Her research interests include the role of novel, vitamin-K dependent proteins in health and disease, and specifically those involved in bone metabolism, cognition, glucose regulation and cardiovascular health. She also has a keen interest in how diet can impact and modulate the gut microbiota and thus impact health in specific population groups. Eibhlís lead a US Allen Foundation funded project analysing dietary and microbiota-derived vitamin K and its relationship with inflammation and cognition in older individuals. Other on-going research focuses on skeletal regulation of glucose metabolism. Eibhlís is a Faculty Member of the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre, (APC) UCC and is involved in a number of projects investigating how diet can modulate the gut microbiota in specific population groups including diabetics and the elderly. Eibhlís is the lead UL PI on ImmunoMet - a collaborative project (with APC, UCD and Teagasc) designed to investigate the effect of dietary manipulation on microbiota diversity for controlling immune function and metabolism. Eibhlís is a member of the Centre for Physical Activity and Health Research (CPAHR), UL.


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