Dervla Kelly joined the Graduate Entry Medical School in March 2018 as Lecturer in Medical Education. She is a pharmacist, interested in medicine management and public health, who supports the delivery of teaching and assessment in the problem based learning (PBL) component of the Graduate Entry Medical School (GEMS) curriculum. She graduated with a B.Sc. in Pharmacy and a PhD in Epidemiology from Trinity College Dublin. She has been a research fellow at New York University. Her research interests include: (1) pharmacoepidemiology, with particular emphasis on appropriate prescribing, dispensing and medicines management; (2) metagenomic epidemiology, including oral and oesophageal microbiomes, metabolism and the relationship to disease; (3) pharmacy in Primary Care and (4) role of psychosocial environment on health; (5) development of professional identity in health professionals (5) PBL delivery and student experience.


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