Deirdre O'Loughlin is Assistant Dean, Research and Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the Kemmy Business School in the University of Limerick.

Her research interests lie in a broad range of areas including branding, services and relationship marketing and her PhD research (completed in 2003) focused on the sector of retail financial services. Her research focus has also expanded to include e-service quality, interactivity and e-relationship issues in addition to consumer behaviour and consumption issues including the effects of austerity, credit and debt consumption, marketing and consumer responsibility, social and public policy and ethics, and pedagogical issues.

    • - Consumer Responses to Austerity and Credit and Debt Behaviours
    • - Family Service Consumption and Provision with focus on Caring
    • - Digital Marketing and eWOM
    • - Social, Ethical and Sustainability Practices
    • - Branding and Brand Management
    • - Relationship Marketing & Services Marketing

She has published in a broad range of high ranking international peer reviewed journals including Journal of Service Research, Sociology, Social Policy and Administration, The Services Industries Journal, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Strategic Marketing, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Irish Marketing Review, the Australasia Journal of Marketing, Studies in Higher Education, and Innovations in Education and Training International. She has presented at many Irish, UK, European and International conferences.

As part of her portfolio of research activity, she has recently developed a keen interest in health-related research. Specifically, she is a member of an international team of researchers exploring the experiences of family carers who are charged with taking care of family members (ranging from children to older people) with long-term mental and physical conditions such as autism, Downs Syndrome, stroke and Alzheimer’s and dementia.  Some of this research has been disseminated through international marketing, consumer and services conferences and high quality research journals including the Journal of Service Research. She is interested in opportunities to collaborative with HRI colleagues on multidisciplinary projects and funding bids.


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