I work as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemical & Environmental Sciences. As an environmental scientist, my role is to address how environmental challenges affect people and the physical environment and identify optimal ways of measuring and monitoring this interaction, while maximising my impact on policy makers by providing evidence to support decision making. My research aims to develop methods for analysing environmental data, modelling and the development of decision support tools, and has high impact as it links environmental science and human well-being to decision making. It has found application in a wide range of settings, including at UN and EU levels, national planning, local authorities, industry and communities. The impact of my research is evidenced by a wide range of collaborations, downloads of data and reports. The academic credibility of my research is demonstrated by my publication record. I also lecture 5 modules and coordinate a further 2. Of these modules, 2 are taught MSc modules the rest are at undergraduate level.


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