I am a Speech & Language Therapist by profession and Senior Lecturer at the School of Allied Health, Faculty of Education & Health Sciences,  University of Limerick . I participate in activities and develop projects that advance best, knowledge-based and person-centered practices for people with health problems, in particular those with swallowing and communication disorders. I am interested in how knowledge is generated, interpreted, valued and used. I partner with multidisciplinary healthcare and educational teams to increase the uptake of evidence-based practices through implementation science. improved clinical decision-making and person-centred practices. I am on the management team of the Health Research Institute, Health Implementation Science & Technology (HIST) Cluster and lead on the Ireland/UK Swallow Perspectives Advocacy and Research Collective (SPARC). Current research interests include de-implementation, meta-research, thickened liquids and person-centred practices. Current projects centre on the de-implementation of thickened liquids and the creation of an expert panel of people with dysphagia to support research activities.


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