Dr. Alexandra Cremona is currently a Lecturer for the MSc Human Nutrition and Dietetics programme in the School of Allied Health in the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences, at the University of Limerick. Alexandra started at the University of Limerick in 2013 as a Research Assistant in performance nutrition on the Food for Health Ireland (II) work package, having previously worked at Glasgow Caledonian University and as a dietitian in Glasgow. She is a CORU registered dietitian and Sports and Exercise Science graduate. She recently completed Doctorate studies in the area of early pregnancy risk identification of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus at the School of Medicine in UL.  Her research interests are in body composition, dietary analysis and exercise throughout the lifecycle. Her current work is around early childhood and pregnancy nutrition. She is a committee member of the Heathy Eating subcommittee to the Healthy UL campus initiative.


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