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Eimer Ní Riain

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In my role as Practice Education Coordinator on the MSc OT Course I am responsible for the sourcing and allocations of practice education placements for students. Along with the practice education team and across the wider practice education team in the School of Allied Health I am involved in the delivery and development of the preparation of students and practice educators for placement. To this end I have a role in leading on developing evidence based models of practice to support development of the 21st century graduate. Practice education in the School of Allied Health includes developing opportunities for students in interprofessional practice education, role emerging placement and models of placement supervision. Pathways are developed to support students learning and competencies in line with the CORU Standards of proficiency as well as for students who require additional supports.

Research Interests include Models of student supervision on practice education placement, Student supports and student resilience, Practice educator skills of feedback and supervision.