Tuesday, November 9, 2021

The PPI Ignite Team wish to thank everyone who joined the recent launch to mark a significant milestone in embedding PPI in the research culture in Ireland. Close to 300 people joined online and contributed to generating a wonderful sense of a shared community and excitement at an online event. 

You can view the launch here. 

The launch is divided into "chapters" to allow you to skip forward to the start of each section of the launch. (Hint: roll your mouse over the timeline of the video and you will see gaps in the timeline. This represents the start of a new chapter/section. These are also seen in the description box beneath the video. Press “show more” below the video to see this.) 

Please register with us on our online hub to keep in touch with all the activities of the PPI Ignite Network.  

Best Wishes 

The PPI Ignite Team