HRI Annual Report 2022 Cover
Friday, September 22, 2023

Dear Tahani,


It is with great pleasure and pride that I present to you the 2022 University of Limerick Health Research Institute Annual Report.


In this report, we provide an overview of Institute achievements and activities during 2022. The focus of the Institute is on research excellence and impact with interdisciplinarity and collaboration underpinning our activities. This is evident throughout this report.


So too, is the dynamism and diversity of our research success, both nationally and internationally, the critical work with our valued partners and the support for researchers starting out on their research journeys.

This report illustrates how the Institute continues to deliver translational outputs that have a tangible and relevant impact on health practice and service delivery.


With the many health-related challenges society currently faces, we are resolute in our chosen direction, confident that our research is both relevant and impactful, and excited about the future possibilities for healthcare.


HRI Annual Report (