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Health Implementation Science and Technology (HIST)

Health Implementation Science and Technology (HIST) will advance research in the area of implementation science and the systematic uptake of evidence-based, technology-enhanced interventions into practice and policy.

Our Aim

To develop, deliver, and sustain research and expertise in Implementation I(IS) with Information and Communication technology (ICT) in Research, Collaboration / Networking, and Capacity Building.

A critical issue in health today is the gap between what we know can optimize health and health care and that which is implemented in everyday practice.  Implementation science seeks to address this gap by understanding how best to ensure that evidence-based strategies to improve health are effectively delivered in clinical and public health practice.

Our Goals

To lead a programme of research training and collaboration that builds capacity in implementation science to facilitate change at patient and provider level and to inform standards of care and policy.

To be an acknowledged player in the international field of Implementation Science with technology to enhance implementation that will attract visiting academics and PhD students from around the world.

The planned HRI-HIST activities over the next three years will ensure that UL’s strategic objectives across many domains are realised and a strong foundation is established across this new cross-cutting field of research.

Our People

Principal Investigator 

Professor Alice Coffey

Research Team

Prof. Norelee Kennedy

Prof. Sue franklin

Dr. Audrey Tierney

Prof. Stephen Gallagher

Dr. Pepijn Van de Ven

Prof. Stephen Kinsella


Timmons, S., Cornally, N., Hartigan, I., Lehane, E., Buckley, C., O’Loughlin, C., Finn., C., Lynch, M, Coffey, A(2019) Scaling up guidance documents on Dementia Palliative Care: PAR methods and strategies for implementation  2nd UK Implementation Science Research Conference Proceedings from the 2nd Annual UK Implementation Science Research Conference: meeting abstracts Implementation Science201914 (Suppl 2) :69

Timmons, S., Cornally, N., Hartigan, I., Lehane, E., Buckley, C., O’Loughlin, C., Finn., C., Coffey, A.  (2019) Tailoring change management - learning from “readiness-to-change” and learning needs analyses, focused on dementia palliative care, in three long-term care settings. IGS 2019 (Age and Ageing, Volume 48, Issue Supplement_3, September 2019)



Implementation Science webinar 22nd October


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