The Health Implementation Science and Technology Cluster (HIST) was established on the basis of funding from the Health Research Institute (HRI).  Its primary aim is to promote and build capacity in the Science of Implementation in the health sciences and beyond, specifically with regard to technological applications and tools across the University of Limerick and beyond. We are a multidisciplinary cluster of researchers with health science, technology and social sciences backgrounds.

Our Aim

To strengthen knowledge and build expertise in the field of Implementation Science with ICT, through research, collaboration, and capacity building, and to develop shared principles and a common approach to guide our implementation collaborations and research into the future.

Our People

Principal Investigator 

Professor Alice Coffey

Research Team:

Dr Audrey Tierney 

Dr Arlene McCurtin

Dr Owen Doody

Dr. Catherine Naughton

Ms. Jacqueline Dwane

Professor Sean Redmond

Dr Carol-Anne Murphy

To become a member of the HIST Research Cluster, please see the link below:

HIST Membership Link

HIST External Advisory Group

  Names Representing Position
1 Prof Paul Burke UHL / UL Chief Academic Officer / Vice Dean (Health Sciences)
2 Prof Deborah Tannehill UL Emeritus Senior Lecturer, Chairperson, Limerick City Community Development Project
3 Dr Barry Shanahan UL Research Governance Officer UL
4 Ms Noreen Spillane UHL Chief Clinical Operations

Capacity Building & Networking

HIST has a central goal of building IS knowledge through funding, training, and dissemination activities.

EVENTS to date

HRI online conversations with Laura Damschroder 11/02/2022

HIST Summer school with Prof. Geoffrey Curran 28-30 June 2022

HIST conference 23/11/2022

10th December 2021 Lunchtime Seminar with Dr Sheena McHugh: “Tailoring implementation strategies: an example from diabetes management in primary care” 

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Please see the presentation slides below:

/hri/sites/hri/files/user_media/SMcHugh-HIST seminar-10th Dec 2021.pdf

12th January 2021 Seminar: Implementation research and hybrid designs with Prof Geoffrey Curran  

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Funding Awards

  • HRB COVID-19 PANDEMIC RAPID RESPONSE FUNDING 2020:  Project title:  A Rapid Resource Repository for Health Professionals (RRR-HP): An online and social media individualised support intervention for return to practice, reassigned and new to practice  Coffey, A., Redmond, S., Tierney, AC., McCurtin, A., Murphy C.A., Johnson K.  €199,647
  • Higher Education Authority National Forum for Teaching & Learning, Integrated Formative Feedback for Learning and Growth (iFLAG). McCurtin A, O'Connor A. €50,453
  • HRCI-HRB FUNDING Exploring diet quality in Cystic Fibrosis – enablers and barriers to eating a healthy diet in CF. Tierney, A. (PI) €100.000


Funding Grants Awarded by HIST Cluster

Project Title: Establishing the acceptability, appropriateness and feasibility of the use of a classroom observation tool when supporting children and young people with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) in school. Dr Aoife Gallagher (PI)

Project Title: Bewheelwell Centre of Health & Wellbeing for wheelchair users. Dr Rosie Gowran (PI)

Project Title: Developing Intergenerational Learning through Discussion Cafés.  Dr Dympna Tuohy (PI)

Project Title: Providing a reasonable adjustment in health care delivery for people with intellectual disabilities within an acute hospital setting. Dr Owen Doody (PI)


Publications & Conference Presentations


Buckley, C., Coffey, A., Cornally, N., Hartigan, I., Lehane, E (2020) Participatory Action Research(PAR) as a Method for the Implementation of Palliative Care Guidance Documents in Dementia Care. Oral Presentation at The 5th STTI Biennial European Conference Nursing Conference May 2020.

Coffey, A., Flanagan, H., O’Reilly, M., O’Reilly, V., Meskell, P., Bailey, M., Carey, E., O’Doherty, J., Payne, C. and Charnley, K. (2020) Evaluation of Project ECHO All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care (AIIHPC) Nursing Home Project (Phase 3). Dublin: Health Service Executive. 

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O'Reilly, P., Kennedy, C., Meskell, P., Coffey, A., Delaunois, I., Dore, L., Howard, S., Ramsay, B., Scanlon, C., Wilson, D.M. Whelan, B. and Ryan, S. (2020). Patients’, family members’ and healthcare practitioners’ experiences of Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) and toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN): A qualitative descriptive study using emotional touchpoints has been received in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology Office

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Journal: Applied Nursing Research(Accepted for publication June 2020)



12th January 2021: Implementation Research and Hybrid Designs - Prof Geoffrey Curran:

/hri/sites/hri/files/user_media/Implementation research and Hybrid Designs Geoffrey Curran.pptx

To reach Prof Geoffrey Curran and the Center for Implementation Research please use the link below.


22 October 2020:  “Theory driven participatory implementation science webinar” – speakers presentations

Anne MacFarlane

Carl May

Jon Salsberg

Tracy Finch  


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