Date: Wednesday, October 11, 2023
Time: 4 pm - 5.30 pm
Duration: 1h30
Shared perspectives of developing a specialist programme to support women during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is commonly a time of great psychological, social and emotional significance in a woman’s life. It is a period of transition and new beginnings where self-identity is redefined and preparation for parenthood occurs. For some women, pregnancy is a challenging time where specialist mental health supports are required. This seminar will focus on how the Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Team (SPMHT) at University Maternity Hospital Limerick responded to this need by establishing the first music therapy programme of its kind in maternity care services in Ireland. Developed in partnership with the Irish World Academy and the Department of Midwifery (UL), this programme has been commended by the Department of Health (Ireland) for its innovation in perinatal mental healthcare delivery. Through a range of perspectives from lived experience, music therapy, midwifery and psychiatry, this seminar will consider the value and impact of this music therapy programme to support perinatal wellbeing. 


Dr Sylvia Murphy Tighe Lecturer in Midwifery, Department Nursing & Midwifery, UL. Sylvia is a registered general nurse, midwife and public health nurse. Her research interests include health promotion, birth related trauma and vulnerability.

Dr Tríona McCaffrey is Lecturer in Music Therapy at the Irish World Academy, UL. Her research and practice primarily focus on mental health, with particular interest on use of music and the the creative arts to support perinatal wellbeing. 

Dr Mas Mahady Mohamad is a Consultant Psychiatrist with the Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Team at the University Maternity Hospital Limerick, and Adjunct Senior Clinical Lecturer in UL. He has a specific interest in music and art therapy to support maternal mental health.

Ms Pui Sze Cheung is a registered music therapist and a health researcher at UL. She is involved in several arts and health studies and is currently completing a PhD research project on music and perinatal wellbeing at the Irish World Academy. 

Ms Maria Gibbons is an Advanced Midwife Practitioner at the Specialist Perinatal Mental Health team at the University Maternity Hospital Limerick.


This is a free event but registration is required