Dr Aoife Gallagher is a Course Director and Lecturer in the School of Allied Health. She worked as a Speech and Language Therapist and as a health services manager across a range of healthcare settings prior to being awarded a HRB scholarship, to complete a PhD in Health Services Research as part of the SPHeRE Programme. Aoife is PI on a HRI-HIST funded Implementation Science research project in collaboration with Newcastle University, aimed at developing a universal level intervention for children and young people with speech and language needs (SLCN) in school. Aoife has a particular interest in rights-based healthcare and participatory research methodologies. Aoife is actively engaged in knowledge translation work with stakeholders across Ireland to facilitate uptake of the findings from her research as part of a multi-national study (CATALISE). Aoife is also involved in a multi-phased study, funded by NISE, focused on enhancing inter-professional education opportunities across HEIs for SLTs and teachers in training. 


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