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Ageing Research Centre (ARC)

The Ageing Research Centre (ARC) comprises an interdisciplinary group of researchers that aim to:

  • Conduct excellent research that leads to improvement in the health, well-being and social inclusion of older people.
  • Work across disciplinary boundaries to address research priorities that reflect the day to day realities of older people’s lives.
  • Develop capacity in ageing research at UL and build collaborations with researchers, clinicians, industry partners, older people and their representative organisations.

The Ageing Research Centre has a programme of current activity focused around three thematic areas:  

  • Aligning health services to the needs of older people.
  • Ageing in place.
  • Using health analytics to optimise outcomes for older people.

Our People

Principal Investigator 

Dr Katie Robinson, Senior Lecturer Occupational Therapy


Research Team

  • Ms Alexandra Cremona, PhD Researcher, School of Medicine
  • Dr Amanda Clifford, Senior Lecturer Physiotherapy
  • Dr Ann-Marie Morrissey, Lecturer Occupational Therapy
  • Dr Aoife O’Neill, Ageing Research Centre Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Dr Arlene McCurtin, Lecturer in the School of Allied Health (Clinical Therapies)
  • Dr Cliona O'Riordan, Lecturer Below the Bar in Physiotherapy
  • Dr Helen Purtill, Lecturer Department of Mathematics & Statistics
  • Dr Hilary Moss, Senior Lecturer Music Therapy
  • Prof. Ita Richardson, Associate Professor Department of Computer Science and Information Systems
  • Dr Karen McCreesh, Senior Lecturer Physiotherapy
  • Dr Kieran O’Sullivan, Senior Lecturer Physiotherapy
  • Ms Marcella Kelly, Centre of Nurse and Midwifery Education (CNME), Galway
  • Dr Mary O’Keeffe, Postdoctoral Researcher & Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Fellowship
  • Dr Michelle Norris, Research Fellow (ALECS Programme), Science and Engineering
  • Dr Niall Mcgrane, Lecturer in Physiotherapy
  • Dr Pauline Boland, Occupational Therapy
  • Dr Pauline Meskell, Senior Lecturer Nursing and Midwifery
  • Dr Rose Galvin, Senior Lecturer Physiotherapy
  • Dr Sara Hayes, Lecturer Physiotherapy
  • Dr Siobhan Leahy, Lecturer in Allied Health


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