The Access to University Course is a full-time 13-week pre-entry course that leads to a place on your chosen undergraduate programme at UL. This course is for students whose economic or social backgrounds are underrepresented in higher education.

The course runs from January to June during the spring semesterThe Access to University course has no course fee.

Applications for the Access to University Course are now open!

Applications must be fully completed by the 10th of October 2024.

Please read all the sections below before making your application.

Access to University Course Application link here

  • Students under the ages of 23 years by 1st January in the calendar year of proposed entry.
  • Students who are not currently studying at a university or IT. 
  • Applicants using their Leaving Certificate results must meet the University minimum subject requirements (2 H5 & 4O6/ H7) and undergraduate subject specific requirements to be considered. Please check here for these requirements before you apply.
  • Applicants using their QQI results must meet the university minimum requirements as outlined here.
  • Eligibility is based on the indicators set out in the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR). 
  • You can find more information on HEAR by following this link: 
  • If you do not already have HEAR eligibility, you may submit documentation as part of your application (details of the required documentation on the Application Form).

Applications must be fully completed with all the required documents attached. Your application will only be assessed after you have fully completed the application, uploaded your documents and click submit. 

Before completing this application form you might want to discuss the below points with your Parent / Guardian / Individual who contributes to your household income. Depending on your circumstances, in order to fully complete this application you may require:

  • PPS Number and dates of birth for your Parents/Guardians and any dependents
  • Copy of your passport/Birth certificate
  • You may need to outline your household income
  • You may need to provide your/ Parent/Guardians medical card/G.P card Number.
  • If in the care of the state/Tusla you will require a letter confirming the date you went into care
  • Official Educational documents e.g. Leaving Certificate\Further Education Certificate 
  • Make sure you meet the minimum entry requirements, subject specific requirements and additional considerations for your course. 
  • You will also be asked to submit a personal statement, so please take some time to put this together before you start the application

Eligibility for this course is based on the indicators set out in the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR)

Queries can be made by emailing

Educational Documentation:

You must include all relevant Educational documentation as part of your application. You must also ensure that you meet any additional considerations for your chosen course available here.

Educational Documents Required
Leaving-Certificate A copy of your official Leaving Certificate available from
QQI  A copy of your official QQI award or a Verification of award available from

If you were HEAR eligible in 2021 you must contact the CAO to request a letter confirming the HEAR indicators you met as proof of your eligibility., You must submit this letter as part of your application and you do not need to submit any other Financial Documentation. 

Financial Documentation:

Financial Circumstances Documents Required
Where or are you in the Care of the State? If Yes you do not need to attach other financial documentation. But you must supply a letter from TUSLA on TUSLA headed stationery detailing the date you were taken into care.
See or call 01-7718500 if you have any questions.
Was your parent/ guardian in paid employment in 2022 on a full, part-time, or temporary basis?

Statement of Liability for 2022 from Revenue Commissioners. See

Was your parent/ guardian self-employed, engaged in farming, or receiving rent from rental properties in  2021/2022? Self-Assessment - Chapter 4 for 2021/2022 from Revenue Commissioners or Tax Exemption Letter. See
Did your parent/ guardian receive any social welfare payments in 2022 other than child benefit? Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection  or Payment Summary DEASP Statement for 2022. See:
Did your parent/ guardian receive any lump sum payments in 2022 from his/her former employer as a result of being made redundant?

Form RP50 Notification of Redundancy OR Letter from Employer. See :

Was your parent/ guardian retired in 2022?
  • Retirement Lump Sum Letter from Employer and/or
  • Statement of Liability for 2022 / Self-Assessment - Chapter 4 for 20022and/or
  • Department of Social Protection Payments Summary/ Statement for 2022 

Limerick Regeneration Scheme:

If the applicant or their parents/Guardians were rehoused as part of the Limerick regeneration housing scheme please click on this link to download the Limerick Regeneration Housing form and  email the completed form to 

You can progress onto any undergraduate course once you satisfy the minimum and specific entry requirements outlined on the UL admissions website. However, you do not need to meet the Leaving Certificate points to be considered for this course. Successful completion of the Access to University Course will guarantee entry to a full-time undergraduate degree programme in UL the following September.

In this programme you will study the following modules:

  • AS2312    Informatics
  • AS2342    Transition to University 
  • AS2352    Personal Development
  • AS2332    Study Skills 
  • AS2322    Logical Problem Solving 
  • AS2332    Life Skills

These modules are subject to change. 

Students will also study a module from their chosen degree you intend to start in the Autumn. 

An exemption in this module may be granted to towards your degree.

Each application is considered on an individual basis.

To be successful on your chosen programme of study, previous educational attainment , work/life experience, motivation and overall suitability are considered and evaluated as part of the selection process. 

Depending on the number of applications received for a particular dergree programme, applicants may be called for interview and short-listed.

Please bear in mind when applying that some degree programmes in UL may require specific academic requirements in order to gain entry e.g. some Engineering programmes will usually require applicants to have higher level Leaving Certificate Mathematics.