The Access Volunteer Programme builds on the recognition that role models are an important feature of any person's life.

Access volunteers are 2nd – 4th year students who join the Access Programme at UL through the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) or the Access to University Course. They are dedicated to giving back and making a difference.

We have developed a two-strand volunteering approach:

  1. Pre-entry Volunteering
  2. Post-entry Volunteering

1. Pre-entry Volunteering

Our Access Volunteers work with community groups, primary and secondary schools to inspire young people to pursue higher education. They serve as relatable role models, showing that higher education is attainable regardless of background. During these visits, volunteers aim to motivate and encourage pupils to realise their full potential.

Students that volunteer with our pre-entry activities can choose to work with the following programmes:


2. Post-entry Volunteering

Our students who volunteer with our post-entry volunteering programme work as mentors with the incoming Access students. The mentors aim to help these incoming students settle into life as a University of Limerick student by offering guidance and direction. Mentors will answer questions not just about a course, but all aspects of university life. Mentors hold three meetings in the autumn semester and one meeting in the spring semester with their Mentees. The Mentor assist the personal and professional growth of a Mentee ensuring a successful transition into University life.


Students who are interested in volunteering with us are provided with full training before they volunteer with any of our initiatives. Volunteers have reported the benefits of this training both to support their engagement as a volunteer and as a valuable addition to their C.V.

Become an Access Volunteer

If you are an Access student and you feel you would like an opportunity to give something back to the Access Office and local communities by becoming an Access Volunteer, or should you require any further information about the Access Volunteer Programme, please contact

Please note, students can combine their hours across each programme to apply for a President's Volunteer Award.