GAA-hurling-2 players
Tuesday, 22 August 2023

New Publication : Daly, L. S., Catháin, C. Ó., & Kelly, D. T. (2023). The Use of Recovery Strategies in Gaelic Games: A Mixed-Methods Analysis. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance (aop, 2023). DOI:

Research Impact:  This study investigated Gaelic players’ (i) use of recovery strategies following exercise; (ii) recovery strategy use according to sport, biological sex, and playing standard; and (ii) the possible periodization. The results demonstrate that Gaelic players regularly implement a range of post-exercise recovery strategies in an attempt to accelerate the time course and magnitude of recovery, while approximately a third of players periodize their recovery strategy practices. The findings may be used to provide insight for coaches/support staff who seek to prescribe recovery interventions tailored to optimize players’ preferences and/or compliance.