Wisdom for Action

Research Week 2023's theme was “Wisdom For Action”, highlighting UL's commitment to finding sustainable solutions to global challenges through innovative research and links with the revamped research strategy for the University to ensure that UL is a research-led, innovative, enterprising and inclusive institution that is committed to social good. 

The programme was devised to demonstrate the growth in research excellence with impact and diversity across the research community and also featured a number of external speakers. 

Drawing on expertise from across the university, researchers presented their work on topics such as urology, renewable energy, environmental conservation, health and wellbeing, politics and sport. 

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2023 events by day 


Research Week Launch

Our launch event welcomed researchers for a panel discussion with President’s Research Excellence and Impact Award winners Dr Elaine Kinsella, Department of Psychology; Dr Hugh Geaney, Bernal Institute; Professor James Gleeson and Professor Norma Bargary both MACSI and chaired by Professor Norelee Kennedy, Vice President Research.

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Academic Research and Industry Collaboration

Three SFI (Science Foundation Ireland) funded centres event brought a panel of academic and industry speakers discuss the topic of ‘Research and industry collaboration’.

The academic panel members shared their experience of working in research centres on collaborative projects with industry, outlining the key benefits, challenges, and learnings of being involved within such a collaborative project environment.

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Using Participatory and Arts-Based Methods in Migrant Health Research

HEAnet & ICHEC supporting research and opportunities for collaboration

Picture This!

Communicating research is one of the most essential and challenging skills for researchers. To assist them in communicating their research to the UL community and beyond.

The #PictureThisUL competition challenged researchers to submit a photo/ image giving a visual perspective on their research. Here are the ten finalists.

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The Science and the Art of Leadership

The essence of effective leadership has long been debated with rival ideas vested in trait, behavioural and situational thinking yielding a rich body of knowledge. Bringing together insights from academic inquiry and professional practice, the Kemmy Business School presents an in-depth examination of “The Science and the Art of Leadership”

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From Research to Spinout: Commercialising Your Research Panel Discussion

UL Sustainability Challenge Awards

The UL Sustainability Challenge is a competition for UL students to develop proposals to tackle our climate crisis.

The competition is a partnership between the Bernal Institute, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Kemmy Business School, Buildings & Estates and Office of the Vice President Research which called on students to submit ideas to make our environment more sustainable – to either the campus, the city or wider Mid-West region or further afield. Five finalists were selected by an independent expert panel. The teams each received support, and up to €10,000 to prepare and deliver a working pilot or demonstration of their proposal. Rebecca Tumwebaze was chosen as the winner for her project on Sustainable Agriculture in Uganda.

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Building Inclusive Cities and Communities with the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences




Integration of Research and Teaching: A Critical Conversation

Why is it important to integrate research with teaching?

Dr Michael Wride, Transformative Pedagogy Lead with the Centre for Transformative Learning (CTL) at University of Limerick and Dr Geraldine Mooney Simmie, Associate Professor in the School of Education, University of Limerick and Director of EPI-STEM - the National Centre for STEM Education are the speakers.

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HRI presents Digital Health - Present and Promise

The Health Research Institute (HRI) at University of Limerick explores the current state of digital health research and practice. A panel of renowned national and international experts from academia and industry discuss the use of digital technologies across physical and mental health domains.

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SMARTLAB: UL Leading the Energy Transition in Limerick City

SMARTLAB is a UL-led collaborative research project exploring the potential of smart technologies and smart services in buildings across Ireland.

The project is installing sensors in approximately 100 Limerick city buildings and project participants will access private dashboards to learn about the indoor environment and energy use of their buildings.

Using a Living Lab approach, the project is exploring barriers and opportunities around adopting a Smart Readiness Indicator for Ireland’s buildings. Implementation through the Citizen Innovation Lab and Fab Lab Limerick helps to make these technologies accessible and allows real world impacts to be measured and quantified directly with citizens and other stakeholders. 

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When Conventional Responses are not enough – The Greentown project

Child involvement in criminal networks can be classified as a wicked problem. The Department of Justice in Ireland has funded the Greentown programme to operate two trial projects with in partnership with other stakeholders.

The programme aims to reduce criminal network effects on children in the local community (frustrating grooming behaviour of network-based adults to entice children into criminal activity) and provide meaningful and practical routes out for children involved in a criminal network.

This event will provide an overview of the four programme pillars: Intensive Family Support, Network Disruption, Community Efficacy and Pro-Social Opportunities. It will also present learnings from the two trial sites – Whitetown and Yellowtown.

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Doctoral education and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Reform of Research Assessment

What will the impact of the reform of research assessment be?

Keynote addresses from Dr Teresa Maguire, Director of Research Strategy and Funding, Health Research Board, which is the first Irish funding agency to sign up to the Coalition for the Reform of Research Assessment (CoARA) and Dr Yensi Flores Bueso, CoARA Steering Board member.

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European Research Council Grants: Bringing you one step closer!

Exploring the Glucksman Library Special Collections

Performance as Research in the Traditional Arts

The traditional arts in Ireland today are an exciting vehicle for research, with scholars increasingly focusing on performing aspects of their research as the primary mode of publication.

The event features contributions from members of the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance faculty whose research interests are primarily expressed through performance. It offers a general introduction to performance practice as research in the traditional arts including live and video performance as examples of this work.

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Urological Research: from idea to patient outcome

Bernal Institute in partnership with Boston Scientific brings researchers, clinicians and industry together to discuss R&D impacting patient outcomes in the area of urology. There are two sessions:

  • Current Urology Research at UL discuses the research being undertaken in the University.
  • What the future holds for Urology Research.

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Thesis-In-Three Final and ‘Picture this’ photograph your research awards

The 12 finalists who came through their respective faculty heats (three finalists per faculty) present a summary of their thesis topic and its potential impact - all in just three minutes.

The announcement of the 'Picture This' winner is also part of this event. 'Picture This' is where researchers are asked to submit a photograph/ image which represents their research.

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The Political Football: Unpicking football and (P)politics

How often have we heard the old adage that sport and politics should not mix?

The reality is that football in particular has always been political; protest, corruption, nationalism, military propaganda, political symbols, religious messages and more have intertwined with the game since its conception.

Clubs, players and fans are enmeshed within politics and broader contemporary international political controversies continue to spark controversy among player, fan, media and political communities alike.

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Why Mentoring in Universities Works

HR Talent Development introduces A Talk for Mentors and Mentees on “How to Get the Best out of Mentoring.” by Nature Mentoring Award Winner, Dr Anita Corbett, Emory University.

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Research Impact Workshop

Research Impact focuses on the effect research has beyond academia, when the knowledge generated by our research contributes to, benefits and influences society, our culture, environment and the economy. This workshop with Dr Giovanna Lima, Impact Project Officer, Erasmus University, Rotterdam will help to de-mystify research impact, facilitating the future design of impactful research.

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Researching with Gender: Lessons Learned and Questions Raised

Research funding opportunities for Early Career Researchers