UL research fellow, Dr. Mark Dalton has collaborated with a high-potential Irish start-up company, GenCell Biosystems to develop next-generation genetic analysis technology. This research partnership helps to deliver technological edge to enable Irish industry to compete on a global scale. The Limerick-based GenCell recently announced a major with Brazilian partners to develop new clinical screening systems to address that country's healthcare needs.

Genetic testing technology is used in a wide range of industries including; drug discovery, agricultural biotechnology, medical genomics and molecular diagnostics. The global DNA diagnostics industry is estimated to be worth US$10 billion*.

Dr. Dalton explains; “Temperature control is a critical component in establishing the necessary conditions for performing genetic analysis. By partnering with Stokes Institute, GenCell have developed a technology that will deliver highly accurate temperature control resulting in faster and more cost-effective genetic analysis for the global market. GenCell is focused on building a successful Irish biotech company and collaboration with the Stokes Institute definitely delivers a technological edge to help compete better internationally.”

The collaboration, which focuses on GenCell’s unique Composite Liquid Cell (CLC) technology, is supported through Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation Partnership Scheme. Limerick-based company, GenCell currently employs 35 highly skilled engineers and scientists.

The University of Limerick excels in translational research – focused on delivering real impact for Irish industry.  86% of our recent Ph.D. graduates are employed, with the majority working in Ireland and helping to build our world-leading innovation ecosystem.

*DNA Diagnostics US$10bn (BCC research 2008 figures)