UL to host new €5m Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre (PMTC). Professor Gavin Walker, Bernal Chair of Pharmaceutical Powder Engineering and the research team at PMTC are working to build Ireland’s reputation for research excellence in the pharmaceutical sector. This industry accounts for over 50% of Irish exports and is responsible for over direct and indirect 60,000 jobs.

By collaborating with industry Professor Walker aims to improve manufacturing competitiveness and enhance the R&D mandate and activity of Irish pharmaceutical manufacturing sites and companies. The team’s aim is to support the transformation of the Irish pharmaceutical sector to establish this country as the global hub of pharmaceutical process innovation and advanced manufacturing.

The University of Limerick excels in translational research – focused on delivering real impact for Irish industry. Through The Bernal Project – our multidisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers deliver solutions which are changing the face of the advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing, modern materials, biomedical engineering, and energy sectors.