Graduate Outcomes 2021
Monday, January 9, 2023

The results of the UL Graduate Outcomes Survey of 2021 reflects the voices of 4,637 recently-graduated respondents. With a response rate of 69%, the results of this survey reveal that outcomes for UL graduates are excellent, with the data showing that 83% of the class of 2021 have gone directly into employment (an increase of 8% on 2020). Of this 83%, 73% of UL graduates are working in Ireland and 10% are working globally.

This particular student cohort graduated into a labour market that was still grappling with the disruption of the pandemic, often without the support of traditional in-person on-boarding, induction and graduate development programmes. It is to their immense credit that UL graduates have shown themselves to be resilient and adaptable in making the challenging transition from their studies to their early careers – particularly in the face of such economic and social disruption in 2021. For many of our undergraduates, the positional advantage of Cooperative Education cuts through against such a difficult backdrop.

Key points of note: 

  • 14% of the class of 2021 are engaged in further study or training.
  • 2% of graduates are seeking employment, with 2% unavailable for employment (for various reasons including health, family, gap year).
  • The results suggest that higher educational attainment is positively linked to higher employment rates, with 93% of UL PhD/Research graduates and 91% of Taught Masters graduates employed.
  • The sectoral spread of the Class of 2021 employment is broadly consistent with that of previous years viz., Human Health and Social Work (19%), followed by the Financial, Insurance and Real Estate sector (15%), Professional, Scientific and Technical (14%) and Industry (13%) and Education (12%).
  • The average graduate salary was €37,422, with 69% of graduates earning more than €30,000.
  • In line with recent trends, the Western Corridor (West, Mid-West and South West) continues to be the preferred destination for UL graduates, accounting for 60% of graduate employment. This compares with 36% in the East. Globally, the most popular destinations were the UK (31%), the EU (26%), and North America (25%).

Work has now commenced on the analysis of the 2022 survey data. 

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