Terms of Reference

The Academic Programme Review Committee will have the following functions:

1. To review and make recommendations on (a) proposals to establish new academic programmes, (b) proposals to create new modules, (c) proposals to modify existing academic programmes, and (d) proposals to modify existing modules.

1 A. To accredit programmes (which are based predominately on existing modules) offered in response to initiatives designed to address economic and social needs.

2. Notwithstanding (1), to review and make decisions on  proposals regarding the following minor changes:

(a) Alteration in the prefix of module code with the written agreement of the two departments concerned (e.g. changing MS4067 to EC4067 would require written agreement of both Head of Mathematics and Statistics and Economics departments),

(b) Alterations in the title or content of an existing module that are deemed minor by APRC,

(c) Altering an academic programme by adding or subtracting an approved module with the written agreement of the department(s) concerned,

(d) Altering an academic programme by changing the sequencing of existing modules with the written agreement of department(s) affected,

(e) Altering the mode of delivery of an academic programme e.g. from part-time to full-time.

3. To consider issues relating to academic programmes that do not necessarily  arise  from  particular  proposals  and  to  make  appropriate recommendations.

4. To report its recommendations and decisions to Academic Council.

Approved by Academic Council 18 June 2014