The University of Limerick (UL) recognises that a safe and supportive university environment is integral to facilitating academic progression and ensuring a positive student experience. During their time at university, some students may experience difficulties that impact adversely upon their physical or mental health, wellbeing or conduct. Indeed, in a minority of cases, the health or wellbeing of a student may deteriorate to the extent that questions arise regarding his/her capacity to pursue his/her studies, participate in university life and make appropriate use of university facilities.

The purpose of the Fitness to Study policy is to promote and safeguard student health and wellbeing by ensuring conditions that are conducive to academic performance and a high-quality student experience.  In addition, the policy ensures the protection of members of the campus community, including students, staff and the broader public, by providing an overarching framework for the effective management of fitness to study issues that may present a risk to the safety and wellbeing of others.

UL’s Fitness to Study policy applies to all UL students.  It can be accessed on the Policy Hub