BMBS Programme


BMBS Programme

The BMBS Graduate Entry Medicine Programme is a four-year medical degree open to graduates from any discipline. It has a highly innovative curriculum that aims to produce doctors who are well equipped to meet the existing and emerging needs of the society in which they work.

School of Medicine Mission

The School of Medicine aims to be a world class medical school delivering leading-edge education and research programmes that positively impact the health and well-being of our global community.



Course Brochure for EU Applicants 

Course Brochure for non EU Applicants



Three domains feature throughout the four years are: Knowledge of Health and Illness, Clinical and Anatomical Skills and Professional Competencies. In each of the first two years, the curriculum is then further divided into six learning units, covering different topic areas. 

The following modules comprise the Graduate Entry Medical Programme.  Details of each module are available in the University's Book of Modules.  Please select the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences and the Medical School Department - you can view modules individually by selecting from the drop-down menu in the Book of Modules.


Module Codes and Titles


BM4001 Knowledge of Health & Illness 1
BM4011 Clinical & Anatomical Skills 1
BM4021 Professional Competencies 1

BM4002 Knowledge of Health & Illness 2
BM4012 Clinical & Anatomical Skills 2
BM4022 Professional Competencies 2

BM4003 General Practice/Primary Care
BM4053 Medicine 1
BM4063 Surgery 1
BM4023 Professional Competencies 3

BM4034 Medicine 2
BM4044 Surgery 2
BM4054 Obstetrics & Gynaecology
BM4064 Paediatrics
BM4074 Psychiatry
BM4084 Professional Competencies 4



The School of Medicine BMBS degree is open to graduates from any discipline. It has a highly innovative curriculum that aims to produce doctors who are well equipped to meet the existing and emerging needs of Irish Society.

Throughout Years 3 and 4 of the programme, students are placed in clinical settings. The School currently has six affiliated teaching hospitals and six General Practice/Primary Care networks as outlined below.

In Year 3, all students will be located in the General Practice/Primary Care setting in one of the school's Primary Care Teaching Networks (PCTNs) for 18 weeks. For the remainder of Year 3, students will undergo hospital-based clinical training in Medicine and Surgery. Three weeks in Year 3 is devoted to Special Study Module (SSM).

In Year 4, students will spend 6 weeks of Clinical Training in each of Obstetrics/Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Psychiatry. They will also undertake another 6 weeks in Medicine & Related Specialities and a further 6 weeks in Surgery & Related Specialities. Six weeks in Year 4 is devoted to SSM.

All students should expect to be places outside of Limerick at some stage during their clinical training and potentially for more than one disipline/rotation. With respect to Medicine and Surgery, all students that are placed in the University Hospital Limerick (UHL) network for Year 3 Medicine and Surgery rotations must complete their senior cycle of Medicine and Surgery rotations in an affiliated hospital in Year 4.



School of Medicine Teaching Hospitals
Teaching Discipline(s)

University Hospital Limerick (UHL) Group

Medicine, Surgery, OBGYN, Paediatrics, Psychiatry

Portiuncula Hospital, Ballinasloe

Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics

South Tipperary General Hospital, Clonmel

Medicine, Surgery

St. Luke's Hospital, Kilkenny

Medicine, Surgery

Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore

Medicine, Surgery

Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise




General Practice/ Primary Care Networks

1. Limerick/Mallow/Charleville

2. Clare

3. Kerry

4. South Tipperary / Mallow / Mitchelstown / Fermoy

5. South East

6. Midlands

A Student's Perspective


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Award-Winning Curriculum


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