hands using laptop with AI symbols
Monday, 20 May 2024

In May, the library partnered with other University of Limerick (UL) departments to host a unique and very well received Generative AI (GenAI) course, "Let's Talk GenAI”. 

The course was designed to introduce staff to the practical applications of Generative AI in academic, professional, and research practices. 

Over 200 staff members registered for this asynchronous course that had structured, themed days covering a range of topics, from an introduction to GenAI, its use in the workplace, teaching and assessment, to research applications, and concluded with reflections and future directions.

The course's flexible, self-paced format allowed participants to engage with the material at their own convenience, requiring less than 1 hour of learning per day. This approach addressed concerns about time commitments, making it accessible to even the busiest staff members.

The initiative was a collaborative effort, led by staff from the Library’s Learning and Engagement Department, UL’s Centre for Transformative Learning, the IT Division, and the Academic Integrity Unit. This cross-departmental collaboration ensured a rich and diverse learning experience.

The course not only enhanced participants’ understanding of GenAI but also demonstrated UL’s commitment to staying at the forefront of educational technology. This initiative exemplified how strategic, well-designed professional development can significantly empower university staff, driving innovation and excellence in higher education.

Anyone interested in hearing more about this course and how it went can contact Michelle.Breen@ul.ie or Margaret.Phelan@ul.ie