Say No to Single Use in the Library

The library is committed in its contribution to UL becoming a Sustainable University.  In 2019, the Glucksman Library launched the Green Library campaign, whereby working to eliminate single-use plastics from the library. 

The library strongly discourages the use of single use containers, however reusable cups, bottles and containers that have a lid are permitted, subject to the library Food & Drink policy

Reusable Cups

Reusable cups can be purchased on campus from the library information desk (€3), the Campus Shop, and other vendors.  Many cafés on campus offer a discount on hot beverages if you bring your own reusable cup.

Fill up at the Fountain / Reusable Bottles

There are four water fountains in the library where you can fill up your water bottle for free.  A count taken in February 2023 showed that library users had refilled 1,333,962 bottles since the installation of the fountains in October 2018 – let us raise that figure to 2million. By reusing a water bottle, we can prevent plastic waste through the reduction in single use bottles.  Reusable water bottles are available to buy from the library information desk at €2 each. 

Sustainable Catering

If you are booking catering for an event in the library, please ensure that the catering providers only use reusable and/or recycled crockery, cutlery and containers – the library strongly discourages the use of single use.

We Need You!

As one of the busiest buildings on campus, we can once again make a real difference, and are committed to making the Glucksman Library greener - however we can only do any of this with your help, so join us! By making a small change, we can all make a big difference! 

A sustainable world will not happen without determined effort – our actions today determine the future we manifest (, 2023).



Queries about the Green Library initiative can be directed to Library Space Manager or Ciara McCaffrey, Director