side view of exterior of Glucksman library
Friday, 1 December 2023


To support teaching and research of sustainability at UL, the Glucksman Library have added two significant new resources.

Sustainability Literacy Guide 
UL Library collaborated with UL’s Sustainability Working Group to create a Sustainability Literacy guide, aiding students and researchers in finding relevant resources for sustainability research. The guide, developed in consultation with various academic departments, identifies resources supporting learning, teaching, and research in sustainability, addressing misinformation and enhancing students' critical appraisal skills.  

The guide covers research areas like biodiversity, climate change, mobility and transport, sustainable construction, agriculture, and food production. Academic staff can incorporate this guide into modules as core or supplementary materials, serving as valuable references for students. Additionally, it serves as a resource for staying updated on the latest sustainability materials in the library's collections. 

Sustainability ebook collection 
The Glucksman Library provides the campus community with a 7,000-strong Sustainability ebook collection to bolster the focus on sustainability in UL's teaching and research activities. Covering climate change, environmental policy, sustainable business, and renewable energy, this collection spans academic disciplines and aligns with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It empowers students and researchers to delve into diverse sustainability issues, preparing them for future leadership roles.  

Whether you are an academic expanding teaching resources or a student researching sustainability, this extensive ebook collection from top academic publishers is a valuable asset.  

Contact the library staff if you have any questions about integrating these resources to support your sustainability teaching or research. If there are resources you want to have considered for addition to the collections, please ask the library about these.