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Key Athena SWAN Achievements

Over the last 7 years we have delivered on the commitments made in our 2015 and 2018 Athena Swan Action Plans, for example:

  • Our commitment to Athena Swan has contributed greatly to our success in achieving funding for four Full Professors through the Senior Academic Leadership Initiative (SALI)
  • In 2020 we saw the success rate for promotion (Lecturer to Senior Lecturer) rise from 37% to 70%, with 72% of the women that applied being successful and 72% of the women that applied from SL to Associate Professor having success.
  • Over 62 female staff have been supported through the Research Grant for Returning Academic Careers (RGRAC); providing staff (all genders) returning  from carers/maternity leave to avail of 6 months protected research time to concentrate on their research outputs. To date only females have availed of the leave.  Feedback received attributed having this protected research time following long-term absences as critical to the success in the promotions process.
  • 2 strands of funding were secured through the Gender Equality Enhancement HEA fund to roll our sectoral programmes to support women through their promotions process.
  • The establishment of a dedicated Human Rights – EDI Office. A commitment made in the 2018 submission and our Gender Action Plan.
  • New policies under development to address the steep increase in sexual harassment, misconduct, and violence against women.
  • An Ethnic Diversity Forum was launched in December 2021
  • Recruitment and selection procedures have been updated to ensure 40% gender representation on all panels and single gender recruitment competitions only permitted with prior approval. 
  • Unconscious Bias training if mandatory for all selection board and promotions board members. 
  • All senior posts include the key criterion of “Demonstrable experience of leadership in advancing gender equality’.
  • The UL@50 SP has set a target of 40% representation of men and women at professorial grades by 2026.
  • Job profiles reviewed for gender-neutral language
  • The Executive Committee has a 50/50 Gender representation