The main findings of the Irish Travellers Access to Justice Report are available in our ground-breaking report, which is available by clicking here: Irish Travellers Access to Justice Report.

A short summary of our findings is available here: ITAJ Key Findings

Sindy and Amanda from the ITAJ team also recorded a podcast about the research with our dear departed friend Dr Vicky Conway on her podcast series, "Policed in Ireland". You can listen to that podcast by clicking here: ITAJ on Policed in Ireland.

Following the launch of the findings of the research, the ITAJ team presented to the Human Rights Committee as part of its review of Ireland's compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The Report which we submitted to the Committee is available here: ITAJ Submission to the Human Rights Committee. 

From a policy perspective, we also made the following presentations:

  • Presentation on Irish Travellers Access to Justice research findings to the Increasing Public Understanding subgroup - Criminal Justice Sectoral Strategy, Department of Justice, 26 September
  • 'Criminal justice data and research on ethnic minorities: Experiences from the field’, Presentation to the EU Equality Data Subgroup Country Visit, Ireland, 6 October. 

We have also presented findings from the research at a range of conferences, including:

  • Irish Travellers / Mincéirs and the State, 1922-2022 conference, University of Galway, 16 September,
  • ‘Irish Travellers Access to Justice’, Centre for Crime, Justice and Victim Studies Annual North-South Criminology conference, 16 September,
  • ‘Irish Travellers Perceptions of and Experiences in Police Custody’, Police Custody in Ireland conference, Law Society, September 29,
  • ‘The Disproportionate Representation of Traveller Men and Women in the Criminal Justice System’, Association for Criminal Justice Research and Development (ACJRD) conference, 7 October.  

When we launched the Report, news programmes on the radio and television reported on the findings of the research. Some of these that might be of interest are: