If you took part in the Irish Travellers Access to Justice project, this page provides some information for you about your involvement in the project.

The attached three documents shown on the left of the screen are ethics documents. The purpose of these documents was to explain what exactly the Irish Travellers'/Mincéirs' Access to Justice project was about and which researchers and organisations took part in the project. They also explain what the role of participants in the project was, as well as how the rights and data and information of participants was protected if they chose to take part in this project. The identity of all participants remains anonymous.

  1. ​​Information About the Project: The aim of the information letter was to help yopeople who took part in the project to understand what the basis and goals of the ITAJ project were, and how the research process was carried out. 
  2. Research Privacy: The purpose of the research privacy notice was to explain how the University of Limerick used and processed any data collected about people who took part during the research process. This document also explained the type of data that may have been recorded and how this recorded data is protected. It also covers what rights  that people who took part in the project have over their your personal data even now that the project is over.
  3. Consent Information: This document covers the questions that people who took part were asked to answer verbally before their interview. This was done to ensure that they understood both their role in the project and their rights as a participant. 

Even though the project is over, if you have any questions about any of the attached forms or what exactly the project was about, you can contact any of the four project researchers listed below. 

We can be reached by email at ITAJ@ul.ie, or by the phone numbers listed below:

  • Amanda Haynes: 061-213151
  • Jennifer Schweppe: 061-213150
  • Sindy Joyce: 061-233767