By gathering together experts who excel in their own fields, ECSH works in an interdisciplinary way to understand hate and provide tools to European and national bodies to counteract hate. ECSH scholars have a proven track record of advancing excellent scientific and scholarly research which has been published in leading academic journals and by leading academic publishing houses; have won multiple awards for their teaching, and are dedicated to fostering graduates who are aware of the European and international context to their disciplines.

ECSH draws together experts from academia, civil society, and state and international bodies who work across the spectrum of hate to collaborate in addressing the most immediate challenges in understanding, combatting, and preventing hate towards minorities across Europe. We engage with civil society organisations advocating with and for sexual and gender minorities, racialised and ethnic minorities, the homeless, those with disabilities, and asylum seekers.

Our research critically engages with international academic debates in the area of hate and has been at the forefront of developing a scholarly approach to the topic of hate. We have published numerous books, journal articles, and book chapters, and presented at conferences in the United States, across Europe and further afield as well as in Ireland.

Our research has been published by international publishing houses, Oxford University Press and Palgrave MacMillan and in international journals such as the Journal of Hate StudiesCritical Sociology and Crime Law and Social Change. Our peer-reviewed academic research provides a scholarly basis for our policy and international impact. Members of the ECSH have been successful in securing funding from a number of national and European funding agencies. Our research has been funded by:

  • The European Commission DG Justice Programme
  • The European Commission Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme
  • European Union: Horizon 2020
  • The Irish Research Council
  • The Irish Council for Civil Liberties

If you would like to contact us to discuss a potential funding proposal, work with us in developing a funding application, or work with us as a postdoctoral scholar, please contact us at