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Closing the feedback loop within your module guide

Closing the feedback loop within your module guide

You could use a recent example from the previous year’s student feedback and how these have helped improve the module or your teaching


Example – Understanding Assessment Criteria for the Assessment
 Assessment criteria. Added specific section - How the teaching in the module will help you with the assessment.
Example – How you could demonstrate you have listened to previous years cohort in module guide

Using Exemplars & Peer Discussion 

Preparing for the activity: lecturer selects samples of authentic previous students’ work in the same genre as that required in the assessment task.  Preparation for the activity-independent pre-work: Lecturer explains the task and asks students what they think the criteria are for successful completion of the task.  Exemplars and peer discussion activity.  In groups of three or four, asked to distinguish the good from the weak exemplar and identify the characteristics of and strategies used in each one