An inaugural lecture is an occasion of significance in an academic staff member's career at the University of Limerick. Inaugural lectures provide newly appointed professors with the opportunity to inform colleagues, the campus community and the general public of their work to date, including current research and future plans. Professors are usually required to give their inaugural lecture within 12 months of their appointment.

Inaugural lectures are a ceremonial occasion, and academic robes are worn by the inaugural professor and the rest of the platform party. Those attending the lecture do not wear academic robes.

A schedule of inaugural lectures is produced by the Office of the Vice President Academic & Registrar in May of each year and circulated to the faculty deans, who consult with the newly appointed professors.

Prior to the Event

Inaugural lecture events are organised by the relevant academic department office in association with the relevant faculty office. The faculty office briefs the Office of the Vice President Academic & Registrar, which advises on protocol and ceremonial detail.

The academic department provides a brief biography or CV of the inaugural lecturer, along with a photograph and website address, to the Communications Officer and Press Officer four weeks in advance of the event.

The academic department announces the venue for the inaugural lecture, and the faculty office issues formal invitations to the lecture one month in advance.

The academic department hosts a reception prior to the event at 17h15. The lecture usually commences at 18h00 and is chaired by the Head of Department. The Dean of Faculty opens the event and welcomes the guests. The President of the University introduces the inaugural lecturer, who speaks for approximately 50 minutes.

The platform party consists of (or any combination of):

  • Chancellor
  • President, University of Limerick
  • Vice President Academic & Registrar
  • Vice President Research
  • Dean of relevant faculty
  • Head of relevant academic department
  • Inaugural professor

For further information on inaugural lectures, please email the Office of the Vice President Academic & Registrar at .