The attendance of members of Governing Authority at University of Limerick conferring ceremonies adds to the occasion and is much welcomed by graduands and their families as well as by UL staff.


You will receive an invitation to the ceremony from the Office of the Vice President Academic Affairs & Student Engagement. You will also receive details of arrival times, parking arrangements and robe collection.

Please complete and submit the confirmation form to let us know that you intend processing at the conferring ceremonies.


On arrival at Plassey House, you will be provided with a Governing Authority robe and cap in the robing area. If you represent another body and wish to wear the robes of that body, you may do so in the capacity of a visiting dignitary rather than as a member of the UL Governing Authority.

You will be ushered to the University Concert Hall Atrium 30 minutes before the ceremony begins. You must be robed but are not obliged to don your cap at this point. You will be directed to your position in the procession, at which point you must don your cap. 

Full details pertaining to the role of members of Governing Authority in conferring ceremonies at UL are specified in the Conferring Ceremonies Guide for Members of Governing Authority booklet.