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Information for Graduands

Graduate Conferrings

December Conferrings 2020

Congratulations to our latest cohort of graduates at the University of Limerick. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the graduates were conferred in absentia by the University of Limerick on Wednesday, 16 December 2020 via an online conferring convocation. The conferring booklet, which presents a list of the graduates, is available here.

The booklet includes a message of congratulation from UL President Professor Kerstin Mey. On behalf of all staff and students of the university, Professor Mey warmly congratulates the award recipients and encourages them to be very proud of their achievement, noting that the day marks a significant milestone on their personal journey of growth. Professor Mey also takes the opportunity to remind graduates that their achievement is of importance to society as they embark on new experiences in novel and challenging contexts – as part of a team, as leaders and as engaged citizens.

Professor Mey welcomes the new graduates to a global community of almost 109,000 alumni of the University of Limerick – people who contribute to and make a difference to the lives of individuals, communities and nations on a daily basis. She encourages the graduates to participate in the shared experience of being a graduate of UL and to continue their quest for lifelong learning.

**** If you have an international address registered with the university, please note you can collect your guest tickets from the ticket desk in EGO10, with a valid student id.  For the morning ceremony the tickets will be available from 9am and for the afternoon they will available from 1pm on the day of the conferring. ****

You will receive invitations to bring two adult guests to the conferring ceremony. While guest seat numbers are allocated on a random basis, your guests will most likely have adjacent seats. The tickets will be available by the end of May (further details to follow). 

Please update your postal address with Student Records to ensure you receive your tickets. Give your guests their tickets - only adult guests holding tickets will be allowed entry to the Foundation Building on graduation day.  It is essential that your guests present their tickets on the day; we cannot issue replacements and therefore cannot guarantee admission into the ceremony.

N.B. Tickets are non-transferable, and if you are unable to attend, please post back the tickets to the Ceremonies Office, SG-29, Schuman Building, University of Limerick, so that we can distribute them fairly on the day.  There is no monetary value attached to the tickets.

Please note: If you are registered at an international address, you may collect your tickets from the Ticket Desk located at EGO-10 (Main Building) on the day of your ceremony. The desk will be open at 09h00 for the morning ceremony and at 13h00 for the afternoon ceremony.

Because it is not possible to exceed the seating capacity of the Concert Hall, requests for extra tickets cannot be accommodated. If extra tickets do become available, they will be available on a first-come, first-served basis from the Ticket Desk located in EGO-10 beside Robe Hire from 09h00 for the morning ceremony and at 13h00 for the afternoon ceremony. Student ID required. 

If you do not receive your tickets, please ring Academic Registry with your ID number and check what address you have registered with us.

The Foundation Building, which incorporates the University Concert Hall, has international-standard access facilities for guests with disabilities. Additional facilities include wheelchair positions with adjacent companion seat in the Auditorium. 

Please complete and submit the special seating requirement form in advance of the ceremony so that we can provide you and your guest with the services you require.

Please let us know if you have any special requirements in advance of the ceremony so we are fully equipped to accommodate you or your family on the day.

Each graduand must wear the appropriate academic robe during the ceremony. Robes should be hired in advance online from Phelan Conan Ltd. on www.phelanconan.comPhelan Conan Ltd. will be located in EG010 (ground floor of the Main Building) on graduation day at the following times for robe collection:

Prebooking of robes is essential prior to the Ceremony and failure to do so may lead to non-availability on the day.  Students without the correct robe will not be permitted to graduate. If you are not robed in time, it will not be possible to allow you to graduate.   The cost of hiring a set of robes is €42 for advance booking (strongly recommended) or €45 on the day.

Undergraduate Online Robe Booking at  Dates for online Robe Booking to be confirmed.

When you have obtained your robe please proceed to the Basement Area of the Foundation Building to register for your ceremony.   Registration for the morning ceremony commences at 10h00 (sharp) and 14h00 (sharp) for the afternoon ceremony.     

If you have any queries, please contact Phelan Conan Ltd. by telephone: 01-4295300 or email:

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission requires us to inform all students that they are free to search for academic gowns on their own behalf.   A graduand may arrange to source robes from another supplier, but must ensure that the gown and colours conform fully to University of Limerick standards.

Prior to the Ceremony

Due to the large number of people involved in the graduation ceremonies, it is important that you and your guests arrive on time. Once you are robed and your guests have collected your guest tickets, you should enter the Foundation Building by the Concert Hall car park entrance (see campus map for details).  You are requested to be robed and present by 10h00 for the morning ceremony or 14h00 for the afternoon ceremony at the latest in the foyer of the Foundation Building (lower ground floor) outside Lecture Theatre FB028. Late arrivals will be conferred in absentia.

We recommend that graduands do not take phones, cameras or bags with them to the ceremony.   Please give these to your guests for safekeeping before you register.    

Your guests should enter the building by the Plaza entrance (across the courtyard from UL's Main Reception). Your guests must be seated half an hour before the ceremony is due to commence.

Members of staff will organise you and your fellow graduands in the correct order for joining the academic procession, for seating during the ceremony and for receipt of parchments. Graduands who leave the assembly area will not be readmitted and will be conferred in absentia.


Health & Safety Notes

Upon entering the University Concert Hall, please familiarise yourself with the nearest exit. In the unlikely event of an evacuation being necessary, bear in mind that there are exits from the stage in addition to the visible exits in the auditorium itself. You must exit from the building and not just from the auditorium to the atrium.

Should you require medical attention, qualified and approved medical personnel are on duty throughout the Ceremony.   It is recommended that should your guest require medical support that you email  in advance so that the support team can be aware of your guest's requirements.

Finally, before entering the University Concert Hall, please switch off your mobile phone.

Order of Ceremony

  • Academic Procession
    • Governing Authority
    • Academic Council
    • Visitors
    • Staff
  • President convenes Meeting of the University for conferring academic awards
  • Chancellor's welcome address
  • Dean presents graduands from the Faculty
  • Vice President Academic Affairs & Student Engagement calls graduands to receive their awards
  • President confers awards
  • President confers special awards
  • President's conferring address
  • Academic Procession and new graduates retire

During the Ceremony

Following the Chancellor's welcoming address, you and your fellow graduands will be guided from your seats by staff to line up near the stage area.

When your name is called by the Vice President Academic Affairs & Student Engagement, you should approach the stage to receive your parchment. After you have accepted your parchment from the President and shaken hands with him, you should descend the stage and return to your seat. Your cooperation with staff during this process will be much appreciated.

If you do not attend the ceremony, your award will be conferred in absentia, your name will not be called out on the day and your parchment will be posted to your registered address with Student Academic Administration (please ensure that this is updated with SAA in advance).

After the Ceremony

When the President has concluded his address, he returns to his seat and recessional music commences. Everybody stands. The Chancellor, the President and members of Governing Authority don their caps. The Mace Bearer removes the mace from its pedestal and leads the platform party from the stage, which is followed by the academic procession and the new graduates of the University. The academic procession exits the University Concert Hall using the same route as when entering. Again, University staff will provide guidance.

Led by the Mace Bearer, the academic procession proceeds to the Foundation Building Atrium. You are requested to continue in procession until you arrive at the reception. Your guests will then be ushered from the Concert Hall to join you at the reception in the Foundation Building Atrium.

Congratulations on the successful completion of your doctoral studies at the University of Limerick. Doctoral conferrings at UL differ from other such conferrings in the country. To ensure that the conferrings proceed as smoothly as possible, you are required to comply with the following instructions:

You will receive written confirmation outlining details of your rehearsal, and you must confirm your intention to attend.  On the day of graduation, you must present yourself for a dress rehearsal prior to your conferring. This is compulsory.  You must wear your robes at the rehearsal.

Please complete and submit this form to confirm your attendance at the dress rehearsal.

Irish Sign Language (ISL)

The Irish Sign Language Act 2017 recognises Irish Sign Language (ISL) as an official language of the Irish State and places a “duty on all public bodies to provide Irish Sign Language users with free interpretation when availing of or seeking to access statutory entitlements and services”

Please contact this Office at  if you wish to avail of Irish Sign Language interpretation services at University Ceremonies listed on this webpage.

In order to ensure provision of this service, provide contact us at least three weeks in advance of the event.  

Before you are permitted to graduate, you must have paid all fees and library fines and returned all books and property to the University a month before you graduate, i.e. in July if you are graduating in August, in December if you are graduating in January and in May if you are graduating in June.

It is UL policy that students with an outstanding balance owing are not permitted to graduate.

The official photographers for the conferring ceremonies will be located in EG010 after each ceremony has taken place. 

Eamon Andrews - (061) 340377 | |

Image Masters - (053) 9422040 | |

Michael Martin - (061) 418205 | |

The standard package costs €45 and applies to all graduation photography studios. The package comprises:

  • One 10x8 print on UL-embossed mount
  • Two 5x7 prints of the same photograph

Extra prints and frames are also available from each studio.

If you have any problem or query relating to graduation photography, please contact Padraig Hyland, Office Services Manager, Information Technology Division on (061) 213123 or at

Unofficial photographers try to ply a trade in the grounds and car parks of the University on conferring day. In the past, graduates have complained of non-delivery and poor quality of photos from these photographers. The University accepts no responsibility for arrangements made by graduates with unofficial photographers. The official photographers will operate only from EG010 and only after each ceremony. Graduates are strongly advised to deal only with the official photographers.

A parchment framing service will be available in EG010. The cost per framed parchment is €20, delivery while you wait. Quality is guaranteed.

Tea, coffee and canapés will be served in the Foundation Building Atrium immediately after each conferring ceremony.

Snack services will be available throughout the day on campus.

Lunch and Dinner will be available at the following restaurants on Campus during Conferrings at University of Limerick.  Please call to make a reservation. 

The East Room at Plassey House Tel:  353 (0)61 202186 
The Pavilion Restaurant Tel:  353 (0)61 213369
The River Bistro Tel:  353 (0)86 047715