Thank you for visiting the website of The National Centre for Tourism Policy Studies (NCTPS). As a relatively new and innovative Research Centre our work content is constantly evolving to reflect new academic interests, market trends and policy problems. If you believe that there is some outstanding issue of research or policy focus that we should become involved in we would very much welcome your views, so please contact

Jim Deegan
Professor of Tourism Policy and 
Director, National Centre for Tourism Policy Studies

About the NCTPS

The National Centre for Tourism Policy Studies was established as an independent and self-funding research centre at the University of Limerick in 1994. From the outset, the Centre has been supported by some very generous philanthropic support which to date has been in the order of 2 million Euro. The mission of the centre is:

"To be a Centre of Excellence in all facets of tourism research and a significant contributor to the advancement of theoretical advances and policy advice to the main stakeholders in tourism".

The Centre is formally linked to the Department of Economics and The Kemmy Business School at the University of Limerick. In the early years of the Centre the main research focus was driven by an economics focus and in more recent years the development of research and teaching has encompassed all facets of the tourism industry. In order to successfully achieve our mission the following activities are undertaken:

  • Encouragement and supervision of postgraduate research at PhD level in all facets of the tourism industry;
  • Publication of research findings in the main academic and policy outlets;

  • The conduct of research studies for international, national and local bodies in the public and private sectors;
    Collaboration with national and international research partners;
  • The development with the Department of Economics of a very successful Masters Programme in International Tourism.


All faculty and research students at the NCTPS are expected to contribute on a regular basis to the main research journals and publications in tourism. Click here to see the current NCTPS publication list.

Research and Consultancy Projects

Faculty and students at the NCTPS are regularly commissioned by national and international agencies to undertake research assignments. Often these projects are undertaken with research partners in other Universities and research institutions. Such collaboration allows us to extend the nature and range of our consultancy and publications. Faculty at the centre have worked on projects for the World Bank, Eurostat, the European Commission, Failte Ireland, Tourism Ireland Limited, the Northern Ireland Tourist Board, Shannon Development and The Irish Marine Institute. For further information on projects see the research and publications section of the website.

Postgraduate Study

The NCTPS is a constituent member of the Graduate Research Centre of the Kemmy Business School and actively seeks to attract high calibre PhD applicants. In addition, the Centre also jointly offers with the Department of Economics a taught postgraduate programme in International Tourism.

The NCTPS actively encourages applicants for PhD research in all facets of tourism. From time to time the Centre may be in a position to offer some scholarship support to applicants and encourages all students to apply for available grant funding from the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS) and other funding outlets. All research students at the NCTPS come under the auspices of the Graduate Research Centre at the Kemmy Business School.

The Tourism Library Collection

A good library is essential to a vibrant research environment and to that end the NCTPS has developed an extensive library collection, which is used by many national and international researchers. See our Library Collection page for more information.

Visiting Scholars Programme

In order to internationalise the work of the NCTPS a very ambitious Visiting Scholars Programme has been established with the aid of some very generous Philanthropic support. Research scholars are recruited by invitation and will normally contribute to the mission of the NCTPS through periods in residence of three months or longer.

Links with the Tourism Industry

Through our research and consultations on consultancy projects the NCTPS has built very good links with all the major players in the public and private sector in the tourism industry. Increasingly, our industry and public sector contacts play an important role in defining our research priorities. Additionally, our industry contacts play an active role in delivering lectures and seminars to our postgraduate students.