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Department of Economics

The research activity of the Department of Economics is primarily in the field of applied economics. Two research centres, the Efficiency and Productivity Analysis research cluster and the National Centre for Tourism Policy Studies (NCTPS) are located in the department. In addition, the Privatisation & Public-Private Partnerships Research Group (P4)  and Euro-Asia Centre  are affiliated to the Department. There is also a critical mass of projects modelling debt and demographic changes across European economies. Faculty in the Department also engages in research on tourism, industrial/enterprise development and policy, the evaluation of policy interventions, firm survival, and growth and macroeconomic issues.

Information about the Department of Economics seminar series are available here 

KBS Research

Faculty publish in a variety of media in line with the research objectives of the University.  Faculty research interests and publications can be viewed on their personal pages in the faculty & staff section.

Members of faculty have published in a number of leading refereed journals, including:

  • Applied Economics
  • Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics
  • Economic and Social Review
  • Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy
  • Entrepreneurship and Regional Development
  • International Review of Applied Economics
  • Journal of Asian Economics
  • Journal of European Integration
  • Journal of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland
  • Journal of World Trade
  • Policy Studies
  • Public Administration
  • Public Money and Management
  • Regional Studies
  • Resources Policy
  • Tourism Economics