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Current Students

Alternative Viewing Days – Summer Repeats 2019/20

September 2020

Due to the ongoing Covid19 Pandemic, viewing days cannot take place in the usual way.  Equally, as you have submitted your assignments online, they are already available to view on the Learning Management System (i.e. Sulis, Moodle etc.) that you used to submit them.  In the event that you wish to view a breakdown of your grade by assessment (for example, assessment 1 = 15/30, assessment 2 = 25/40, assessment 3 = 20/30), please complete the form here and email it to .  You will then be contacted by email before the 18th September.

The closing date for receipt of applications to view the breakdown of grades is:  Tuesday, 15th September 2020 at 23h00.  Applications cannot be accepted after this date.

Please note that the above arrangements are for students who wish to view a breakdown of their 'business' module grade only (Accounting, Risk Management & Insurance, Economics, Marketing/Management and HR).  Should you wish to view Law, Maths, Language, History, Politics or Sociology modules please contact the relevant department(s) to check their viewing arrangements.

Grade Rechecks
Students who wish to submit a grade recheck application, can do so by completing a recheck form and sending it to .  Once students submit the form, they will be contacted in relation to the recheck payment fee. The recheck form is available on the following link:
Recheck Form

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