Students are offered the opportunity to view their scripts for in-hall exams and also to request a breakdown of their grade for assignment-based exams and online exams for autumn semester, spring semester and repeat exam periods.

Please note the deadline for receipt of applications to view exam scripts and request a breakdown of grades for assignment-based exams or online exams for the repeat exams period has now passed.

For queries, please contact 

Grade Re-check

Information on how to apply for a grade re-check is available on the following link: Grading: Grade Recheck - UL| SSP (


The Regional PSLC is a cross-institutional centre for promoting effective, learner focused Peer Supported learning systems by building on the experience and expertise in Peer Supported learning in all Shannon Consortium partner institutions, particularly that related to UL's highly successful academic enrichment programme known as the Peer Supported Learning Centre (PSLG).

The KBS Research Ethics Committee is charged by the University to consider the ethics of proposed research projects which will involve human subjects and to agree or not, as is the case, whether the projected research is ethical. View further information

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