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Policy issues across infrastructure sectors, including privatisation, de-regulation, market liberalisation, and public private partnerships (PPPs). Policy issues include the economic and social effects of such policies (including impacts on workers, consumers, investors and communities); their corporate governance aspects; management of the alternative processes, legal dimensions and governance aspects (including the accountability of decision makers to citizens and organisations in different national and international settings).




  • Palcic, D. and E. Reeves (2011) Privatisation in Ireland: Lessons from a European Economy, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan [Click here for more information]

Refereed Journal Articles

Refereed Journal Articles (last 5 years)


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International or other external links

In September 2017, the Privatisation and PPP Research Group at the University of Limerick hosted the 6th IP3SN annual conference from September 21-22 (co-organised by Dr. Eoin Reeves and Dr. Dónal Palcic). This was the sixth in a series of conferences on PPP that commenced in 2012. Previous conferences were held at the Copenhagen Business School, Sauder Business School, University of British Columbia, Monash University, Cornell University and the University of Antwerp. As part of the conference a half day seminar and networking reception for industry practitioners was also organised. Over 60 practitioners attended the event and speakers on the day included: Prof. Graeme Hodge (Monash University, Mr, Cormac Murphy (European Investment Bank), Mr. Gerard Cahillane (National Development Finance Agency), Mr. David Conway (Limerick 2030) and Dr. Rory Hearne (NUI Maynooth).

In March 2015 a Strategic Alliance between the Privatisation and PPP Research Group at UL and the Cornell Programme for Infrastructure Policy was agreed.  This follows three years of collaboration between the two research centres which hitherto have included a jointly held seminar in 2013, faculty exchange and joint research.  The Strategic Alliance formalises and strengthens links between the institutions and will focus on four pillars of activity.  First, it will facilitate joint research around infrastructure policy.  This will include collaboration on research projects and grant applications.  Second, it will involve faculty exchange between alliance members.  Third, the strategic alliance will organise a series of conferences on Infrastructure Policy and PPP.  The first conference took place in New York in September 2015.  This will be followed by similar events at Southwest Jiaotong University (China), Universitat de Barcelona and the University of Limerick. 


Since 2008 P4 has been a member of the Newpen network which subsequently evolved into an international research project on the future of public enterprises led by CIRIEC's International Scientific Commission on Public Services/Public Enterprises. [Note - CIRIEC - International Center of Research and Information on the Public, Social and Cooperative Economy]