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 Supply Chain Manager (MSc)

This innovative Executive Apprenticeship (EA) is focused on preparing supply chain specialists for senior leadership roles within the profession. As well as delivering management and leadership knowledge, skills and behaviours, this Masters programme has an emphasis on solving real problems in your organisation through the two project elements of the programme.

With a focus on decision-making, problem solving and strategic thinking, this Apprenticeship covers essential management and supply chain theory and explores this through an experiential learning approach within the context of the internal and external supply chain.

Supply Chain Manager Brochure

Occupational Profile (Supply Chain)


Lean Sigma Manager (MSc)

This Executive Apprenticeship will give you a Master Black Belt level knowledge of theories, methods and improvement techniques based around the philosophy of scientific management, lean thinking and six sigma. This masters programme will prepare the Lean Sigma Manager to apply lean sigma methods in the definition, design, research, development, utilisation, maintenance and cost-control of processes and equipment to deliver products/services, improve qualities and reduce costs of such processes and products/services.

There is a strong focus on integrating the application of the concepts, tools and techniques in the participants’ organisation during the course of the programme. There is significant directed project work applying the lean sigma concepts, which meets the knowledge development, aim of a masters level programme and develop participants’ skills in the field of lean sigma management.

Lean Sigma Manager Brochure

Occupational Profile (Lean Systems)


Principal Engineer (PDEng)

Ireland’s first qualification at Level 10 funded through the national apprenticeships programme: The Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng) aims to produce a qualification which is more appropriate for those pursuing professional rather than academic careers. The PDEng acknowledges that significant research takes place within the practitioner’s workplace, therefore, the context for this PDEng programme is the practitioner workplace and the focus is on solving real-world problems faced in the daily work-place.

The PDEng Apprenticeship will equip apprentices with a diverse knowledge of technology principals, disruptive inventions and new designs, processes and techniques, as well as substantial knowledge at the cutting edge of industry and the forefront of academic research.  Through problem-solving, heuristics, theory of inventive problem solving, technical analysis and critical evaluation, apprentices will gain the ability to significantly contribute to the creative process.

Principal Engineer Brochure

Occupational Profile (Principal Engineer)