What are Micro-credentials?

Micro-credentials also known as MicroCreds are short, University accredited, assessed and enterprise powered qualifications.

These bite-sized courses allow learners to control their own professional development while enabling companies to nurture and retain top talent and increase their competitive advantage.


Why choose a Micro-credential?

Micro-credentials are an efficient and affordable way to upskill.

They enable you to position yourself for tomorrow’s standards for tech-enabled efficiency, growth and environmental responsibility.

Whether you are looking to establish the foundations for a new career or progress in your existing role, our part-time flexible short courses offer learners a starting point.  

Find out more about our Micro-credentials below and find the short course that meets your upskilling needs.


Micro Credential offerings for Autumn 2023

AU5032 Marketing Technology Products 9 6
AU5041 Lean Thinking / Lean Tools 1 9 6
AU5051 Problem Solving Tools & Techniques 9 6
AU5101 Digitalisation Of Process  9 6
AU5111 Introduction To Cyber Physical Systems & Internet of Things 9 6
CE4021 Introduction To Scientific Computing For AI 9 6
CH5011 Accident Investigation 9 9
CH5021 H & S Management System Integration 9 6
IE5002 Simulation Modelling in Supply Chains 9 6
MS6041 Quality Science Introduction 9 6

Micro Credential offerings for Spring 2024

AU5041 Lean Thinking / Lean Tools 1 9 6
AU5051 Problem Solving Tools & Techniques 9 6
AU5112 Introduction To Data Analytics/Visualisation & Machine Learning 9 6
CE6002 Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning   9 6
CH5012 Behaviour Based Safety 9 9
CH5022 Health & Safety: Legislative Context 9 6
CS5062 Data Analytics 9 6
MF5001 Mathematical/Analytical Modelling in Supply Chains 9 6
MF6001 Operations Management 9 6
MS5431 Quality Science Statistics 1 9 6
MS6041 Quality Science Introduction 9 6
PP8001 Professional Doctorate in Engineering Qualifier 9 9
PT5001 Frameworks for Supply Chain Management 9 6
PT6024 Sales and Operations Planning 9 6