Stage 01: Read the details of your preferred course by clicking on the course title in the list of courses available on Flexible Learning Courses. If you have further queries on any aspect of the course, email For any queries on the apprenticeship programmes please email

Stage 02: Gather the required documentation to support your application. View 'Support Documents Required' below.  Individual course pages will provide details for any other documentation required for that specific programme.

Stage 03: When you are ready to commence your application, click on the  'Apply Now ' button on the course page. If the applications are currently open, complete the online application form and upload your supporting documents.  If you don't have all your required documentation, you can save your online application and return to complete it at a later time. 

If you experience any issues when making the online application, please email  for assistance.

Stage 04: When you have completed your application and have uploaded the required documentation, click the Submit button. Where applicable, an application fee of €50 will apply at the time of application for most courses.

Note: If the course page is showing 'Applications Closed' or 'Coming Soon' you can email us at for further information on the next running of the programme. Some courses will require you to apply via Springboard or other funding bodies and this will be outlined on the course page.

Where a programme page shows the 'Express Interest' button, you can provide your details to be contacted in relation to the programme once applications open again.

  • Photo or Scanned original copy of your transcripts/college results. Graduates of UL need only provide us with their student ID number. We can access their student transcripts using this number.
  • Photo or Scanned copy of birth certificate or passport to verify your ID and full legal name.  
  • Any other relevant documentation to support your application, such as a CV or professional certificates.
  • In the case of non-native English speakers, please provide a copy of your English language qualifications. Please see the following web page for more information.

    English Language Requirements

These are compulsory documents and are required for enrolment to the University.

It can take time (several weeks) to gather these documents  if you have to request them from your educational institution, so please try to do so prior to submitting your application.