My current work involves the investigation of key neuropsychological and neurophysiological performance indicators in elite eSports gamers. Other research interests include the examination of sensorimotor control of the golf swing and psychological indicators of performance in elite and amateur golfers. This work is currently funded by Logitech and Lero and is being conducted at the University of Limerick, County Limerick, Ireland.
My PhD thesis implemented galvanic vestibular stimulation during the presentation of static and dynamic visual contexts to investigate how the central nervous system integrates information from multiple sensory modalities to control posture and locomotion.
In addition to my personal research interests, I have also contributed to additional research initiatives involving sensory contributions for successful locomotion, the electromyographic analysis of posture during conditions of altered sensory feedback and the influence of chiropractic therapies on neuromuscular responses (research conducted at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC)).

BSc, Honours (Biomedical Science, University of Guelph 2010)
PhD (Neuroscience, University of Guelph 2016)