Nenagh School Visit - Masci
Prof. James Gleeson at Nenagh CBS
Thursday, 16 May 2024

Prof. James Gleeson visited the 5th year applied maths class in CBS Nenagh on 14th May. The class teacher Mr. Kelly asked him to talk about mathematical modeling specifically as the new Leaving Cert applied maths syllabus requires every student to complete a modelling project over 6 weeks in their sixth year.  

Prof. Gleeson outlined some examples of mathematical modelling problems including the impact of on interceptor spacecraft on an asteroid, when to purchase a new car, and passing networks of sports teams.  

They also talked about the CAO entry routes into the Mathematics and Statistics department, via  Financial Maths and Maths Common Entry, as well as career paths after graduation to companies such as Northern Trust and Ernest and Young.  

Overall, it was a successful day for all involved!