Present day mathematicians can now explain how the shape of a pint glass makes bubbles in Guinness sink, model complex networks such as facebook and twitter, and treat non-deterministic systems like wind power on the electricity grid.

Mathematical sciences graduates have skills in problem-solving and analysis, applied mathematical modelling, computing, data analysis and communication. These transferable skills are highly regarded by all potential employers. Consequently, graduates of our three programmes are very popular with employers in industry, commerce, and government. 

Career Opportunities

Recent graduates have found employment in areas such as:

  • Financial services including accounting,  international banking, lending analysis and investment analysis
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Engineering industries (e.g. environmental, electronics, aerospace and automobile)
  • Scientific Research (e.g. medical, social, economic, engineering, computing, industrial, fisheries, biological and mathematical)
  • Data analysis including market research and demographics
  • Manufacturing (including production planning and quality control) and research and development, especially in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries
  • Mathematics education (teaching and lecturing)