In November 2020, the President established a Consultation Review Group (CRG) to develop a process by which all UL staff are given the opportunity to feedback and contribute to looking at the emphasis and detail of what we do well, what we could do better and how this can be achieved in relation to the UL@50 Strategic Plan goals.

The ultimate aim of the Consultations is to ensure that staff have a voice in determining the University’s strategic initiatives.

The Process

Phase 1 and Phase 2 consultations took place between February and June 2021. Over 49 group consultations and 131 individual responses were received, in addition to meetings with course directors, Heads of Departments, Management Council, the University Research Committee and the Governing Authority. There were over 10500 engagements with the internal consultation resource platform.

Consultations have concluded and the UL Consultation Review Group Report from the UL@50 Consultation Process finalised.

The final report was given to the UL Executive Committee. This report included a list of strengths, challenges and actions identified by staff in relation to UL’s strategic goals and led to the refresh of the strategic plan, which can be found on Strategic Publications | University of Limerick (