The President leads, develops and implements a comprehensive strategy that builds and expands upon the existing successes of the University.

In collaboration with the Governing Authority, staff, students and alumni, the President serves as a guiding light and motivator in the achievement of institutional goals that will enhance the distinctive reputation and character of the University in a highly competitive environment.

The primary duties and responsibilities of the President include:

  • To develop the University’s vision and mission for the future and communicate them to internal and external partners
  • To lead the development and ensure the implementation of the University’s strategic aims, objectives and related policies in support of the University’s mission
  • To maintain a culture of excellence across all sectors of the University and ensure that they remain focused on the University’s mission
  • To enhance the reputation of the University for excellence and innovation in its academic and research programmes
  • To maintain and develop an effective working relationship with Governing Authority
  • To foster existing partnerships and forge new ones
  • To provide direction and guidance to all sectors of the University and, in particular, to lead and manage the performance of the University’s Executive so as to ensure the effective and efficient management of the University and all its resources
  • To maintain and reinforce the positive role played by the student community and alumni in achieving the University’s goals and mission
  • To act as the primary ambassador of the University to a wide range of partners and the public generally so as to increase its profile nationally and internationally
  • To lead the advancement of the University through fundraising activities and the development of relationships with local and international partners including the business, commercial, cultural and voluntary sectors
  • To develop and maintain positive relations with government bodies, other universities and private entities
  • To enrich the University’s contribution to local, regional, national life and society and to promote positive social change in all the University’s functions.